Gymnastic Classes



Gymtots offers a unique experience for young children and their parents/guardians. The play sessions are based for one to three year olds to learn basics gymnastic skills and movements alongside their parents in a fun, safe, child friendly environment.

A great way to interact with your children through the use of structured activities and imaginative play.

Each sessions costs £3.00.

From To
Monday 10.30 11.30
Monday 13.00 15.00
Tuesday 10.30 11.30
Thursday 10.30 11.30

From the age of three, Gymjynx offers your child fun structured gymnastics lessons. Children are encouraged to develop their social skill as well as physical attributes such as balance and coordination.To gain, and often to improve your child’s independence, attendance at the class is without parental supervision.Following from our GymTots classes, your child will continue to work on the British Gymnastics endorsed ‘Fundamentals Badge Scheme’ completing one award per month to six weeks and are encouraged to use all of the gymnastics apparatus during the one hour session. For more information on the scheme please click here.

Gymjynx spaces are limited so ring today to enquire about availability. We will operate a waiting list system if our classes are full, so spaces are based on a first come, first served basis.

Each class costs £4.00.

Gymjynx class times are as follows:

From To
Tuesday 09.30 10.30
12.45 13.45
14:00 15:00
Thursday 09.30 10.30
12:45 13:45
14:00 15:00


gymnastics_preparation01Following on from the GymJynx pre-school class, children are encouraged to begin their basic gymnastics moves and acquire new skills before moving to their Recreational classes.

The class provides opportunities for four to five year olds.

Children focus on skills, choreography, conditioning and flexibility to achieve either a pass, merit or distinction level on the British Gymnastics Proficiency Awards.

Each sessions costs £4.00.

From To
Monday 15.45 16.45
16:45 17:45
Tuesday 15.45 16.45
16.45 17.45

Boys Recreational

facilities_gym2This class follows a programme in which boys use all of the gymnastics equipment on a rotating programme. Focusing primariliy on beginner movements, the class works on a four week cycle. Three weeks focusing on movements before a week using the apparatus.

The classes encourage social development as well as confidence building, boys work on British Gymnastics 8-1 badge scheme to provide a clear pathway of learning and sense of achievement.

Each sessions costs £5.00 per hour

Boys Recreational class times are as follows:

From To Age
Tuesday 16:00 17:00 5-7 yrs
17:00 18:00 8+
Thursday 16:00 17:00 8+
17:00 18:00 5-7 yrs

Girls Recreational

gymnastics_girlsrecreational01Inviting children from our Preparation gymnastics section and from the waiting list at age five, this class provides the basic gymnastics shapes and skills and rotates around the female artistic apparatus.

Learning skills and routines based around the national criteria, girls are encouraged to develop their confidence and expand their skills, enabling them to take part in the club competitions.

Each sessions costs £5.00 per hour

Girls Recreational gym class times are as follows:

From To Age
Tuesday 16:00 17:00 5+
Tuesday 17:00 18:00 5+
Wednesday 16:00 17:00 5+
Saturday 09:30 10:30 5-6    yrs
10:30 11:30 7-8 yrs
11:30 12:30 9-10 yrs
12:30 13:30 10+
13:30 14:30 4-6 yrs

Competitive and Advanced Gymnastics

YMCA Barry operates a selection process from the Boys, Girls artistic and Rhythmic Recreational into the competitive and Advanced sections.  For more information on progression roots, please speak with the head coach of the section here(meet the team)

The club regularly competes at competitions throughout the UK in the respective disciplines, and progression into the Competitive and Advanced section requires a commitment from gymnasts and parents alike.

Children as young as six are currently training in our competitive and advanced sections, regularly training a few days a week, both here and in the National Squad set up with Welsh Gymnastics.

YMCA Barry is a recognised Regional Centre of Excellence for Male Artistic Gymnastics and home to the Welsh National Coach.  Many YMCA Barry gymnasts over the past 24 years have represented and competed for Wales at the Commonwealth games.

All of the coaches at YMCA Barry are British Gymnastics DBS checked and qualified to the appropriate coaching levels.

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