Welsh Gymnastics Membership

YMCA Barry Gymnastics Club is an affiliated club to Welsh Gymnastics and Welsh Gymnastics stipulate that every gymnast requires to be a member.

As we are affiliated with Welsh Gymnastics, we are able to cover the first two weeks of your child’s gymnastics classes after which you are required to register your child and make payment for the WG Membership before attending the third week of gymnastic sessions at YMCA Barry Gymnastics club.
Bronze Club Membership (GymGynx, GymKids, Mixed GymJuniors, TeenGym & Adult Gymnastics) = £19

If your child is currently a member of Welsh Gymnastics, you may be aware that Welsh Gymnastics membership is due for renewal annually from the date you initially joined.
You should receive an email directly from Welsh Gymnastics when your required to renew your membership, so please keep an eye out of this email. 

Bronze Club Membership (GymJynx, GymKids, Mixed GymJuniors, Gymspire, TeenGym & Adult Gymnastics) = £19
Bronze & Silver Competitive (Female & Male Advanced Higher Level Comps) = £43

If you’ve not received a renewal email, you can renew via the renewal button below.
You’ll need either your Email address used to open the account or WG Membership number & your accounts Password.